‘Difficult People’ star fumes after John Kasich gets her airplane seat

Then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks at the City Club of Cleveland, Dec. 4, 2018. (Associated Press)
A comedian on Friday told the full story of her recent encounter with former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whom she says stole her seat aboard an Alaska Airlines flight from New York to San Francisco when he was bumped.Julie Klausner, known for the Hulu sitcom “Difficult People,” said the Republican was an “obnoxious” flight companion on her podcast, “How Was Your Week?”She said a pilot needed to fly last-minute aboard the plane and bumped Kasich out of his seat, according to Cleveland.com. But instead of taking the downgraded seat he was assigned, the former presidential candidate took the comedian’s, the outlet reported.Klausner, who identifies as a liberal, said once she read up on Kasich — and his political views — she decided to post about the incident on Twitter.OHIO’S NEW GOVERNOR SAYS HE’LL SIGN ‘HEARTBEAT’ ABORTION BILL THAT KASICH VETOED“The funny thing about it is when I tweeted about it, I realized people on both sides hate him,” Klausner says. “Because I guess Republicans hate him because he’s like, you know, not fascist enough, and then obviously people on our side hate him because he’s just a bad person.“Just having interacted with him or interacted near him, I never met anyone so d—–y and obnoxious and just dripping with disdain for people who in his mind aren’t as important as he is. I hope he – I don’t know. I hope he goes away forever. He sucks.”When details of the incident first emerged, a spokesman for Kasich told the paper that “confusion” had led to the seating mishap.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP“There was confusion about seating, the airline had given a pilot the Governor’s seat and then chaos ensued,” Chris Schrimpf said. “He’s sorry someone lost a seat.”An Alaska Airlines spokesman released a statement to the paper thanking Klausner for “helping diffuse an awkward situation” by giving up her seat and taking another flight with the airline.
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