Cyber Monday 2018: Save $80 on the Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds at Walmart


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Get the ultimate workout sidekicks for under $200 today.
Get the ultimate workout sidekicks for under $200 today.
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Truly wireless earbuds are the “it” thing to have right now¬†and we feel that on a thousand levels. The issue? The chances of losing them are too high for comfort. If an AirPod falls out while you’re rushing through a crowd or on the subway, you’re kind of screwed.

That’s where the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds come in: Not only do they fit so snugly in your ears that they probably won’t fall out in the first place, but if they do, there’s a “Find my buds” feature on the Bose app to help you get ’em back.

Oh yeah, and they’re $80 off at Walmart today for Cyber Monday, putting them at a freakishly low $169. You’re welcome.

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Not having to choose between sound and fit isfinallypossible: Bose creators focused on the tiniest technical aspects that make the biggest difference, from circuits for improved sound to antenna position for maximum Bluetooth signal, plus Volume-optimized EQ to make music three-dimensional and balanced at any volume. Even in a crowded gym or on public transportation with screaming children, all you’ll hear is your music. Battery life is a “meh” five hours, but for this quality of sound, it’s worth it.

Regularly $249, you can save $80 this Cyber Monday andget your pair for just $169.

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