Coronavirus self-medicating concerns


Updated: Fri 11:14 PM, Mar 27, 2020

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WITN) – There is a warning from health professionals to avoid taking certain medications to treat or prevent the coronavirus.

An Arizona man trying to prevent COVID-19 died earlier this week after ingesting a chemical similar to one praised by President Donald Trump during a recent press conference. Now, healthcare experts are urging people: do no self-medicate.

The novel coronavirus is concerning many Americans, but experts say, attempts to take different drugs and chemicals in hopes to prevent or treat the virus will not do any good. They say one attempt has already proven to be fatal.

In a press briefing last weekend, the president referred to the drug, CHLOROQUINE, as being a potential game-changer in treating COVID-19.

The drug is being studied in other countries but is not FDA approved to treat coronavirus. An Arizona woman told NBC News, after hearing the president’s positive remarks about chloroquine, she and her husband ingested chloroquine phosphate, which is listed as a parasite treatment for fish.

The woman remains in the hospital, and her husband died. ​

Pharmacist Christina Nunemacher said, “We’ve never been able to test this drug in a controlled environment. We are only seeing reports, some coming from other countries, where doctors say, yes, we had some patients, we tried hydroxychloroquine, and it slowed the progression of the disease… but It does not prevent. We cannot prevent the virus with a drug, so we need to make sure people are not guessing.”

Self-medicating for coronavirus symptoms, even as simple as pain relief, the pharmacist said, can be dangerous. Some studies are starting to show that things like ibuprofen and anti-inflammatories could also be harmful to coronavirus patients.

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