A new study shows that less than one percent of the coverage from the broadcast networks was spent on the deaths as the result of rioters amid the George Floyd protests.The conservative media watchdog group NewsBusters clocked in 710 minutes of protest coverage from the morning and evening programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC between May 28 and June 3. ABC spent 200 minutes of coverage divided between “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight,” CBS spent 201 minutes on “CBS This Morning” and “CBS Evening News,” and NBC spent a whopping 309 minutes between “Today” and “NBC Nightly News.”However, between the coverage from the three networks, just five minutes were dedicated to the lives taken from the violence that took place in various cities.LIBERAL SITE SLATE FACES BACKLASH FOR SAYING ‘VIOLENCE’ IS AN ‘IMPORTANT TOOL FOR PROTESTS’NBC had the most coverage, clocking in at 2 minutes and 12 seconds. ABC spent one minute and 31 seconds. CBS only had 61 seconds of coverage.NewsBusters cites an Associated Press report that counted at least 10 deaths that occurred over the past week, several of them were black men.One of the victims, 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn was shot and killed in St. Louis while attempting to protect a friend’s business. According to NewsBusters, his death received less than one minute of coverage between the three networks.CNN’S CHRIS CUOMO BLASTED FOR SUGGESTING THAT PROTESTERS DON’T HAVE TO BE ‘PEACEFUL’The deaths of 53-year-old federal security officer David Patrick Underwood, who was shot and killed in Oakland while protecting a courthouse, and 38-year-old “Mr. Indianpolis” Chris Beaty “were glossed over or were ignored outright by the broadcast networks,” according to the study.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Television journalists have made no secret of their support for the nationwide protests over the past week. But perhaps because of that support, they’ve been reluctant to discuss the deaths that have taken place across the country as protests devolved into riots,” NewsBusters media editor Bill D’Agostino wrote. “When one considers just how little time the broadcast networks have spared for the victims of these riots, their insistent chorus of “mostly peaceful, mostly peaceful” starts to sound more like damage control than factual reporting.”It wasn’t just the broadcast networks that overlooked the riot victims. CNN made no mention of Dorn’s death throughout Wednesday following the news of his murder.
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