Vice President Mike Pence will host a press briefing on the fight against the coronavirus on Wednesday. The vice president and the president’s coronavirus task force is expected to update the public on the spread of the coronavirus in the United States and what the professionals are doing to stop it. The on-camera briefing is…

Indri Nooyi is the far left CEO of PepsiCo and a huge Hillary Clinton supporter. After the election last week, she was not doing well. Indri told reporters her employees were “all” scared and crying after Trump’s victory.

In a campaign, driven by supporters of President Elect Donald Trump, to “drain the swamp” and shrink the wallets of government elites, they urged one another Monday to boycott a variety of corporate behemoths that support the DNC, Hillary Clinton and general liberal ideals. The list is circulating the net but originally was posted on Reddit included PepsiCo, Macy’s, Dell, Dreamworks and Netflix.  A Pro Trump List featured companies to support, such as several Marus-Market Breweries and fast food restaurants, the National Rifle Association, Nascar, World Wrestling Entertainment, Tavorro Jobs, MOC2SOC and “cars made in America.”

Various business leaders were critical of Trump before and after Election Day. PepsiCo, which owns Mountain Dew, Lipton, Lays, Ruffles and Doritos, among other popular snacks, angered many conservatives after CEO Indra Nooyi said Trump’s victory had made people feel unsafe because of President Elect Trump’s supposed views. Macy’s dumped Trump brand merchandise last year after he made a statement regarding some illegal immigrants from Mexico and other countries that they viewed offensive.

The ironic part is that prior to the election and the discovery of the organized #Birddogging by the Clinton Campaign, which led to many protests and riots, people lined up on main stream media 24/7 talking about how vile, rude and evil trump supporters and even Trump himself could be.  Many of these same pundits expected him to lose and even went on to brag about how the DNC and people on the left, would take the “high road while the Trump supporters would take the low road”.  Now that the election is over the DNC, Democrats and their supporters have been hosting staged riots, inciting others to protest and in general taking anything but the “high road”. In fact, many Republicans and RNC supporters have calmly pointed out that they never rioted and acted the fool when Obama or any other DNC candidate won.

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