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Congrats to Brian Mast on Congressional Win!

brain mast for congress stopthebull

Brian Mast one of 7 New Veterans Heading to Washington

Brian is a true American Hero, Purple Heart Recipient and Bronze Star Recipient. He served our country and is the kind of man we need in Congress.  We are so excited he won his bid for Congress and can’t wait to support his efforts as one of 7 New Veterans heading to Washington.

About American Hero Brian Mast

According to Brian, “Serving my country is all I ever really wanted to do. It runs in my blood from my father to my uncles. My wife Brianna and I pray that one day our children

His  parents, James Mast & Timoxena Trujillo, always instilled in Brian a strong work ethic and a deeply rooted patriotism. They showed him how long held American values have made our country great and can bring success in every endeavor he has the courage to undertake.

After graduating from South Christian High School in 1999, Brian followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted in the U.S. Army. There he enjoyed service for over 12 years. However, as much as he loved being a soldier, he always knew pleasure was never its intent. During his military service, he had the honor of serving under the elite Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) as a bomb disposal expert. This meant that life was always dangerous and very often deadly.

Working under JSOC meant fighting at the tip of the spear in the ongoing war against radical Islamic terrorism. Being a bomb technician in this high level of special operations came with a great responsibility. Brian’s task was protecting his fellow soldiers from the war’s most deadly weapon, the improvised explosive device (IED). This meant placing himself directly in the line of fire on each and every mission.

While he was able to detect and destroy most of these IED’s, the very last IED Brian found resulted in sustained catastrophic injuries, which included the loss of both of his legs. During this time in service Brian was awarded medals for valor, merit, and sacrifice, to include The Bronze Star Medal, The Army Commendation Medal for Valor, The Purple Heart Medal, and The Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

Brian stated, “I believe in my heart that the trials we each face have little importance compared to what we do in response to each challenge that we face. We as Americans do not curl up into a corner and quit when life gets tough. We own our challenges. We use those challenges as the tool to make us the strongest we have ever been. I believe it is that kind of people we must never cease to be.”

As a result, when Brian awoke after injury in Walter Reed Army Medical Center his focus was singular: get better, get back to work, and get back to serving America. Brian decided he was not going to let the best defense he had given our country be in his past. Each day thereafter consisted of 8 grueling hours of physical therapy. In addition to recovery and his ongoing military duties, he would also provide my requested expertise to the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF).

Following retirement from the Army, Brian continued his work in counter terrorism and national defense as an Explosive Specialist under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Brian also carried forward in life the standard that whatever cause he believes in, he will not just support in word, but will support with the work of his hands. For this reason, in 2015, Brian volunteered to serve alongside the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to show support for the freedom Israel represents throughout the Middle East and the world.

Brian was proud to pledge his life in defense of our country. That is a commitment which will always live inside of him. Brian will be humbled and honored to fight for you as your next Congressman from Florida’s 18th congressional district. Brian has promised that he will serve you in Congress as he did on the battlefield: without regard for personal gain or personal sacrifice.

We thank Brian and others for their service to the United States and are truly honored to support Brian and other Veterans in their desire to serve in Politics and transition from Military to Career.

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5 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Performance Review

Never-say performance reviews stopthebull

Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world, has recently decided to revamp its performance review cycle for a process with a special focus on fueling performance in the future rather than evaluating the past. Founded in UK and headquartered in New York, the company currently boasts 200,000 professionals in over 150 countries, providing audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services.

Deloitte Joins the Change

Deloitte made the headlines in the April 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review with an article penned by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall, both specialized in performance management and leadership development. Similar to the visionary Adobe and Accenture dumping and redesigning annual performance reviews, Deloitte long knew that their old performance management approach neither boosted employee engagement nor high performance. Deloitte conducted a public survey to find out what managers thought of performance reviews, and 58 percent of managers stated that traditional performance reviews did not serve its purpose. Considering that performance reviews did not go through any palpable transformation since its inception, the number does not take most professionals by surprise.

This is not to say that performance management is seen as redundant among managers and employees. The current workplace environment has an ever-increasing focus on growth and learning as key areas of job satisfaction. According to a study by Intelligence Group, 72 percent of millennials want to be their own bosses at work. If they do have a boss, 79 percent of them state that they want their bosses to serve as a coach or a mentor. The research explains that there is a need for a performance management system designed to guide employees into being more equipped experts in their line of business.

Revisiting the Old

With these observations in mind, Deloitte went on to go through their own performance review cycle. With the old system, objectives would be set for each employee across the whole organization at the beginning of a year. Then employees would be rated on how well they have met their objectives after the end of a project. Moreover, managers would also identify where they thought their employees improved. These evaluations would form the basis for annual ratings, where counselors would represent employees to discuss where each one stood compared to their coworkers.

People at Deloitte thought that their process was fair in terms of its predictability. However, Deloitte management was convinced that they needed conversations that were realized right after a certain project instead of at the end of the fiscal year. Besides, it was discovered that the whole performance review cycle – filling in forms, holding meetings and doing the actual ratings – consumed around 2 million hours a year. Most of this time was apparently spent discussing ratings instead of actually talking to employees about their performance.

“It was discovered that the whole performance review cycle – filling in forms, holding meetings and doing the actual ratings – consumed around 2 million hours a year.”


One of the most important observations that Deloitte made with their old performance reviews was the implied subjectivity of ratings. To give an example, if you are rating someone on their ability to engage with their coworkers, you are rating that person based on how important you think engagement is. In other words, when you are rating someone on a skill without any provided context of that person’s specific performance, you are actually revealing more about yourself rather than about the employee. This is called the ‘idiosyncratic rater effect’.

Every company needs to design and develop their own performance reviews in order to get the best efficiency out of it. At Deloitte, this meant identifying three ways of addressing performance: Recognizingseeing and fueling performance.

“If you are rating someone on their ability to engage with their coworkers, you are rating that person based on how important you think engagement is.”

Recognizing Performance

Performance is variably tied to compensation for many organizations, and this increases the importance of performance measurement. According to a survey conducted by Sibson Consulting, 66 percent of respondents stated that the main objective of performance reviews is to decide on compensation. Of these respondents, only 46 percent saw talent management as the primary goal.

The survey, conducted among multiple countries across a wide range of industries, revealed that there was a widespread lack of trust in performance management. According to Stanford University Professors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton, compensation for performance are generally ineffective when tasks are complex or require collaboration. Let alone the already delicate nature of assessing someone’s performance accurately, tying it to compensation increases the importance of handling the issue with utmost care.

Seeing Performance

For Deloitte, seeing performance means getting an accurate picture of someone’s performance, thus eliminating the idiosyncratic rater effect and streamlining the review process beginning from evaluation to the final rating. The solution to the first problem is to redesign how Deloitte constructs feedback questions and to whom these questions were directed. Deloitte decided that it is best if the feedback is provided between the immediate team leader and the team member to increase the efficiency of feedback.

The most important action that Deloitte has taken is to ask immediate team leaders to evaluate their future intentions with team members instead of their skills. The nuance lies in the fact that, with the new structure, team leaders rate themselves on their intentions with the given employee. The new feedback structure included questions such as “Given what I know of this person’s performance, I would always want him or her on my team”. The phrasing of the question allows the team leader to base his judgement solely on his available knowledge.

Language is of vital importance when handling the sensitive topic of performance reviews. Words such as ‘rating’ comes with a negative connotation and does not fully represent the new system applied at Deloitte. That’s why the new performance review process was named ‘performance snapshot’ – giving the message that performance is evaluated at a single moment in time rather than in a given quarter or per year.

Fueling Performance

Fueling performance emphasizes the essence of performance reviews; that is, to help improve one’s performance in the future. For this, Deloitte decided to implement regular Check-in conversations, à la Adobe.

Deloitte actually looked up to the trailblazer digital services giant in implementing regular Check-in’s. In a report on the future of performance management, Deloitte provides insight into how well Adobe’s new system has been working three years into its invention. Engagement surveys at Adobe prove that employees have a much more positive outlook on performance reviews and report receiving better, actionable feedback. Despite the highly competitive market that Adobe operates in, voluntary leaves at the company have been gradually declining.

Inspired by Adobe’s success, Deloitte has constructed their Check-in conversations to be a key part of team leaders’ work. Required to have it once every week to review latest projects, team leaders are instructed to set expectations for their employees and provide coaching for the upcoming week(s). In order to help team leaders save more time, check-in conversations are initiated by team members. This way, employees are also given ownership of their own course of development.

What’s the solution?

By recognizing, seeing and fueling performance, people at Deloitte hope that they will be able to support their annual compensation, quarterly performance reviews and frequent feedback processes. With Impraise, users are enabled to provide in-depth feedback on immediate performance to each other.

Whether between an employee and an immediate team leader or between co-workers, feedback cycles can be structured in any way. The feedback gathered over the course of a year can be used to provide analytics on the learning and development process of a specific employee. This enables managers to quantitatively see how much an employee has improved themselves. The data could then be used to give compensation-related decisions, which are much more precise and fair.

The feedback platform on Impraise allows any employee to see their performance data real-time. This level of transparency is also the last point that is important to Deloitte – enabling employees to know where they stand.

The next challenge that Deloitte and the world of performance management face is factoring in many facets of someone’s performance in a way that is understandable and scalable. According to Deloitte, big data should not be regarded as a way to oversimplify someone’s performance. Instead, providing the richest possible snapshot of someone’s performance should be the next frontier.

To read more about other major companies that have revolutionized their annual performance reviews, download our free white paper.

Paul Manafort Indicted on 12 Counts From Prior Business Dealings


Paul Manafort, former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, and a business associate, Rick Gates were indicted on 12 counts by a federal grand jury on Monday and the pair face steep criminal penalties if convicted.

Florida Fires Jim McElwain Despite 2 SEC Championship Bids

Florida Fires Football Coach

After parts of three seasons as head football coach of the Florida Gators, Jim McElwain and the program parted ways Sunday.

Florida confirmed the news in a release Sunday after Doug Samuels of FootballScoop.com first reported word of McElwain’s departure.

“We want to thank Coach McElwain for his efforts in leading the Gator football program,” Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin said in the release. “We are confident Coach [Randy] Shannon will provide the proper guidance to the players and rest of staff during this time and we will begin a national search for the next head coach.”

Week 10 NCAA Football Poll Results


A week after a sense of stasis atop the college football polls, chaos returned in full force Saturday.

Three undefeated teams, highlighted by No. 2 Penn State, saw their chances of a playoff berth dashed or greatly diminished. The result was a new-look Top 25 that will satisfy those who believe the SEC is college football’s best conference and potentially anger certain people in the state of Wisconsin.  

Tony Podesta Stepping Down From Lobbying Giant Amid Mueller Probe

Podesta Resigns

Podesta’s decision to leave the firm came on the same day that former Donald Trump campaign aides Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted on multiple charges, including money laundering, operating as federal agents of the Ukrainian government, failing to disclose overseas bank accounts and making false statements to federal authorities. Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty earlier this month for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials, according to court records.

JEMELE HILL at ESPN Needs to Be Fired NOT Suspended

stopthebull america first flag

ESPN has finally suspended Jemele Hill for her 2nd violation of their social media terms.  She is now playing the race card and its just not right!

Football and the FLAG have nothing to do with Racial Injustice.    Find another way to protest!  Go to Chicago, volunteer locallly, do something good with your passion for your cause but stop disrespecting our Country and the American Flag.

Puerto Rico Still Needs Help Recovering from Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery

Eighty-five percent of Puerto Rico is still without power after the U.S. was rocked by Hurricane Maria more than two weeks ago. There are at least 19,000 federal civilian or military personnel assisting on the ground.

10 Dead, 100 Missing in Wine Country Wild Fires

napa valley wildfires

Ten people have been confirmed dead and at least 1,500 structures have been destroyed in fires raging in California wine country, according to a CalFire chief.

Around 20,000 people have been evacuated, the agency said. Seven deaths were confirmed by the sheriff in Sonoma County. One death occurred in Mendocino County, according to the sheriff there. Two others occurred in Napa County, according to CalFire.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Director Ken Pimlott said numerous people have been injured and a number of residents are also missing as 14 large fires burn across eight counties and 57,000 acres.

A Northern California county says it has received more than 100 missing-person reports as family and friends scramble to locate loved ones while wildfires ravage the state.

Scott Alonso, communications director for Sonoma County, says the reports have come via calls to a hotline the county set up for the missing.

It is possible that many or most of the missing are safe but simply can’t be reached because of the widespread loss of cell service and other communications.

Pimlott called the estimates of destroyed structures very conservative. He said the fires are burning throughout an eight-county swath of Northern California, including Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties.

Among the burned structures were dozens of houses at a mobile home park that were destroyed in a 20,000-acre brush fire in Santa Rosa, which is one of several out-of-control fires burning in Northern California.

It has been dubbed the Tubbs Fire and is one of at least five large brush fires burning in the region, which ignited structures and forced residents to evacuate in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Several smaller fires are also burning in the region.

Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Nevada, Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties due to several brush fires burning in those regions.

The fires are believed to have begun late Sunday night near Highway 128 in Napa County and progressed toward Santa Rosa city limits.

The fires forced the closure of all public schools in Santa Rosa and Calistoga on Monday. The Tubbs Fire triggered the evacuation of Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa. Workers quickly moved patients to other nearby hospitals.

Another hospital in the area, Sutter Hospital, was also placed under evacuation orders.

Ten people have been confirmed dead and at least 1,500 structures have been destroyed in fires raging in California wine country, according to a CalFire chief.

Around 20,000 people have been evacuated, the agency said. Seven deaths were confirmed by the sheriff in Sonoma County. One death occurred in Mendocino County, according to the sheriff there. Two others occurred in Napa County, according to CalFire.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Director Ken Pimlott said numerous people have been injured and a number of residents are also missing as 14 large fires burn across eight counties and 57,000 acres.

A Northern California county says it has received more than 100 missing-person reports as family and friends scramble to locate loved ones while wildfires ravage the state.

Scott Alonso, communications director for Sonoma County, says the reports have come via calls to a hotline the county set up for the missing.

It is possible that many or most of the missing are safe but simply can’t be reached because of the widespread loss of cell service and other communications.

Pimlott called the estimates of destroyed structures very conservative. He said the fires are burning throughout an eight-county swath of Northern California, including Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties.

Among the burned structures were dozens of houses at a mobile home park that were destroyed in a 20,000-acre brush fire in Santa Rosa, which is one of several out-of-control fires burning in Northern California.

It has been dubbed the Tubbs Fire and is one of at least five large brush fires burning in the region, which ignited structures and forced residents to evacuate in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Several smaller fires are also burning in the region.

Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Nevada, Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties due to several brush fires burning in those regions.

The fires are believed to have begun late Sunday night near Highway 128 in Napa County and progressed toward Santa Rosa city limits.

The fires forced the closure of all public schools in Santa Rosa and Calistoga on Monday. The Tubbs Fire triggered the evacuation of Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa. Workers quickly moved patients to other nearby hospitals.

Another hospital in the area, Sutter Hospital, was also placed under evacuation orders.

A 4,500-acre blaze in Mendocino County triggered the closure of multiple roads along the 101 Freeway. The blaze has also crossed the 101 Freeway in Santa Rosa, igniting structures west of the freeway. Another fire in the county – dubbed the Potter Fire – has burned 1,500 acres.

Mandatory evacuations were in place for multiple areas in Napa County, where at least two other blazes on top of the Tubbs Fire are burning. The Atlas Fire is at 5,000 acres and the Patrick fire is at 100 acres.

Windy and dry conditions were making it difficult for firefighters to battle the blaze. Wind was gusting in the areas up to 50 mph.

With so many fires, residents of Sonoma County struggled to figure out what roads to take, finding downed trees or flames blocking some routes. One of the blazes in Sonoma County was at 300 acres and has been dubbed the Nuns Fire.

Fires also burned just to the east in the Napa County wine country as well as in Yuba, Butte and Nevada counties – all north of the state capital. Cal Fire tweeted that as many as 8,000 homes were threatened in Nevada County, which lies on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Department tweeted that they were being overwhelmed about calls due to the smoke.

Smoke from the fires spread throughout the Bay Area. One Twitter user reported that her building was evacuated after a resident pulled the fire alarm due to the smell.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department issued a notice to residents to expect a strong smell of smoke from the fires.

The National Weather Service said widespread wind gusts between 35 mph and 50 mph were observed in the north San Francisco Bay region and isolated spots hit 70 mph. The winds were expected to subside at midday.

Community centers, the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and other local centers were opened for evacuees.

Volunteer With Team Rubicon to Rebuild Homes in Texas hit by Harvey

team rubicon

On Friday, more than 150 volunteers from The Home Depot and Team Rubicon teamed up to assist homeowners effected by Harvey.

They divided in to teams of at least 20 volunteers and fanned out across the Houston-area. 

Victims of the Las Vegas Massacre

las vegas shooting victims

Last Updated Oct 5, 2017 1:06 PM EDT

LAS VEGAS — At least 58 people were killed and another 489 others were injured Sunday after a gunman opened fire at a country music festival in Las Vegas. The identities of victims of the deadliest mass shooting in recent American history began to emerge in the days following the tragic event.

Authorities say the 64-year-old gunman, Stephen Paddock, fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino at a crowd attending a music festival below. When police entered his hotel room, they discovered Paddock had killed himself. A motive has not yet been determined.

President Trump — who called the shooting an “act of pure evil” — and first lady Melania Trump visited University Medical Center’s trauma center in Las Vegas on Wednesday and met with and consoled some of the survivors of the massacre. They also paid a visit to first responders, whose actions prevented even more casualties.

The names of those who died in the shooting, and some of their stories, are now coming to light:

1. Steve Berger


Steve Berger

The family of a man who was unaccounted for after the Las Vegas shootings said Tuesday that their worst fears were confirmed, and that 44-year-old Steve Berger has died, CBS Minnesota reports.

Richard Berger is the father of 44-year-old Steve Berger, a financial advisor and Wisconsin native. Richard Berger told CBS Minnesota his son traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday last week and last spoke with him Saturday.

Around 4 a.m. Monday, Richard Berger said he received a phone call from his son’s friend and former college roommate, telling him that Steve was shot at the concert, but was lost in the commotion.

Tuesday evening, that friend — Josh Decker — shared he was with Berger when the barrage of bullets felt never-ending.

“You saw people start to fall and go down and scream and there’s so many people in such a close area you couldn’t really move anywhere, you could only get down,” Decker said.

Decker saw his friend since freshman year at St. Olaf, who was more like a brother to him, go down.

“I couldn’t touch him but I could see him. I could see he was injured, I could see he was bleeding. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t do anything. I basically watched him die over the next half-hour,” Decker said.

Decker said Berger was a larger-than-life person who breathed life into any room he walked into and was the best at creating memories. He’ll try to do the same for the family Berger leaves behind.

“I will do the best I can every day. I’ll get up and hopefully try to honor him and do what I can to help his children,” Decker said.

2. Michelle Vo


Michelle Vo


Michelle Vo, 32, was identified by her employer, the New York Life insurance group, CBS affiliate KLAS-TV reports.

The San Francisco Bay area native graduated from San Jose’s Independence High School and attended the University of California, Davis. She was living in Los Angeles prior to the shooting.

“It is with great sadness that the staff and leadership of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce mourn the passing of Chamber member, Michelle Vo,” the company said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to Michelle’s friends and family, and to anyone else affected by this heartbreaking tragedy.”

The Associated Press (AP) writes that Vo, 32, was the youngest of four siblings and loved to cheer for the Golden State Warriors and was a pretty good golfer, her sister Cathy Vo Warren said. Warren remembered her sister as someone who always wanted to do good for those around her. “You’d need a poet to tell you everything,” said Cathy’s husband, Paul Warren.

According to the AP, Vo was attending the Las Vegas concert by herself and befriended Kody Robertson. The two were together when Vo was shot. Robertson later helped relatives find her.

“We’re very thankful that we met Kody,” Warren said. “We’re very thankful for him to be there with Michelle so that she wasn’t alone in her last moments.”

3. Jenny Parks


Undated photo of Jenny Parks provided by family friend April Graves

Jenny Parks’ death was confirmed by a close family friend April Graves. She was married to her childhood sweetheart and they have two children together. Parks just graduated with her Masters degree this past summer.

Parks was a kindergarten teacher in Palmdale, California.

A GoFundMe page was created for Parks.

4. Christopher Roybal

Christopher Roybal

Christopher Roybal


The U.S. Navy confirms that a veteran Christopher Roybal was killed in the attack. He was from San Francisco and he served in the Navy for five years as a master-at-arms.

His wife, Dixie Roybal, said he died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The family is currently trying to figure out how to transport his body to Corona, California, she said.

Dixie Roybal said her 28-year-old husband was an explosive dog handler in the Navy and he adopted their dog out of the Navy but she died a few months ago.

“He is a guy that could always put a smile on your face … after all the stuff he had been through,” said David Harman, who founded a company that owns the Colorado gym where Roybal worked, according to AP.

AP writes that Roybal worked at Crunch Fitness in Corona and Riverside, California, before he moved at the beginning of the year to help open franchises in Colorado Springs.

“He was the guy who if your car broke down in the middle of the night, you could call him and he would come help you,” Harman said. “He is that guy who would find solutions, not report on problems.”

Harman said Roybal served in Afghanistan and was coping with the loss of a friend who was killed by an improvised explosive device, AP writes. Roybal adopted his friend’s bomb-sniffing dog, Bella, but was devastated when she died of old age.

Roybal mentioned the dog in a July 18 Facebook post that also included a lengthy description of his experience getting shot at in combat, according to AP.

He ends the post: “What’s it like to be shot at? It’s a nightmare no amount of drugs, no amount of therapy and no amount of drunk talks with your war veteran buddies will ever be able to escape. Cheers boys.”

Roybal’s co-worker, Robert Alexander, said he fell asleep with the television on Sunday night and awoke to the sound of gunshots coming from the speaker. When he remembered that Roybal had gone to Las Vegas for his birthday, he immediately called him but no one answered, AP adds.

He heard Monday morning that his friend had been killed.

“There’s been several times I’ve had to just walk out of the club and have a good cry, go get in my car,” Alexander said. “And I just drove down the street this morning, just go have a good cry ’cause it’s tough.”

Alexander described Roybal as a “goofball” who was full of energy and had an infectious smile.

“I just had such a fun time any time I was able to interact with him. … Chris had that attraction power. He had the ability to make people want to hang around him,” Alexander said.

5. Adrian Murfitt


Adrian Murfitt seen in an undated photo.

Adrian Murfitt, 35, of Anchorage, Alaska, was among those killed, a family member told AP.

Murfitt died in the arms of his longtime friend Brian MacKinnon — they were friends since their early high school days.

“Quite literally the most amazing person you would ever meet,” MacKinnon said of Murfitt. “Giant teddy bear with a huge heart but can still kick some ass if need be. He always put his friends and family first.”

The Reuters news agency writes that the two were taking a picture and a bullet went through Murfitt’s neck, citing MacKinnon, who spoke to the Alaska Dispatch News.

AP writes that Murfitt’s sister, Shannon Gothard, described her brother as a man with a hearty laugh and a former competitive hockey player who still dabbled in the game. “His whole life was always around hockey,” she said.

After graduating from high school, he became a fisherman, picking up odd jobs in the offseason, AP adds. He had just come off an extremely successful fishing season when he made the trip to Las Vegas with some good friends, Gothard said.

Her brother “was happy to pay some things off and had made some really good money and decided to go out and celebrate and go to the concert and treat himself to something nice and fun,” she said.

6. Rachael Parker


Rachael Parker

CBS Los Angeles

Rachael Parker, who worked for the Manhattan Beach Police Department for 10 years, was also killed in the shooting, CBS Los Angeles reports. She worked as a police records technician with the department.

A second employee, an off-duty officer, suffered a minor injury at the music festival, the department said.

7. Sonny Melton


Sonny Melton, right, with his wife Heather

Facebook/Union College

Sonny Melton, a registered nurse in his 20s from Big Sandy, Tennessee, died in the shooting, the Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, told AP. His wife, Dr. Heather Gulish Melton, was with him when the shots rang out.

Heather Melton told WZTV in Nashville, Tennessee, that her husband sacrificed his life to save her.

“At this point, I’m in complete disbelief and despair. I don’t know what to say. Sonny was the most kind-hearted, loving man I have ever met. He saved my life and lost his,” she told the station.

In a White House press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the couple had been married for just over a year. Sanders said they traveled together from Tennessee to attend the concert: “When the bullets began raining down from above, Sonny shielded her from danger, selflessly giving up his life to save hers.”

He was a 2015 graduate of Union College in Jackson, school officials said on Facebook.

“You know how when you met someone and you just know that they’re good and kind? That was Sonny,” Christy Davis, an assistant professor of nursing, wrote. “He just had a sweet, kind spirit about him.”

8. Angela Gomez


Angie Gomez


Angela “Angie” Gomez was a cheerleader from Riverside, California. Her GoFundMe page has surpassed its goal to help her family with the costs of funeral arrangements.

“She was a cheerful young lady with a warm heart and loving spirit,” the fundraising page reads, adding that all money would be sent directly to her family. “Most of all, please raise this family up in prayer. Keep them in your thoughts and celebrate the life of a young woman who has gone home too soon.”

AP writes that Gomez graduated from Riverside Poly High School in 2015, where she was a cheerleader. School staff remembered her as a “fun-loving young lady with a great sense of humor.”

AP adds that Gomez participated in the Riverside Children’s Theater and was involved in choir. The school district said Gomez was a hard worker who “always challenged herself academically.”

9. Lisa Romero


Lisa Romero

Angel Jax Pinto/KRQE-TV

Lisa Romero, a high school secretary in New Mexico, was one of the victims killed in the shooting, CBS affiliate KRQE-TV in Albuquerque reports. She worked for Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools for 14 years.

A friend of Romero’s said she was a “sweet and beautiful woman” who worked with children. The friend said many of the students at the high school looked up to her.

Students, friends and family gathered Monday night for a vigil, KRQE-TV writes.

“When I was in middle school she helped me through a lot with my family. You could trust her with anything,” high school freshman Shelby Silva said, according to KRQE-TV.

The station said that hugs, tears and memories were shared at Miyamura High School on Monday.

KRQE-TV says the superintendent remembers Romero as a mentor and advocate for students.

“She gave me advice to like keep pushing through the hard things and so when I heard she passed it kind of hit me in my heart,” freshman Jazmine Arreguin said.

“I was trying not to get angry, it’s just that’s a lot of what I’m feeling right now is just, why? It’s just senseless,” said Darci Sanchez.

Lisa’s husband, Chris Muniz, released a statement to say thank you for the condolences and to urge people to continue to pray:

“I want to thank the people of Gallup, Las Vegas, state of New Mexico and the nation for their outpouring of support and condolences on behalf of my wife Lisa, our family is deeply touched. Please continue to pray for her, our children and grandchildren during this tragic time. While we understand the concerns and questions from the media regarding our family’s loss, we request that everyone please respect our privacy during this time. Lisa will be missed by her daughter, two sons, four grandchildren, our entire extended family and the community she loved.”

10. Jordan McIldoon


Jordan McIldoon


Jordan McIldoon, a 23-year-old mechanic’s apprentice from British Columbia was also among those slain, CBC News reports.

“We only had one child,” Al and Angela McIldoon told the news outlet. “We just don’t know what to do.”

His death was confirmed by a woman who said she was with him on the ground after he was shot.

McIldoon would have turned 24 next week.

11. Jennifer Topaz Irvine

Thomas Slattery/Facebook

Jennifer Topaz Irvine, a San Diego-based attorney, was identified as one of the victims by her coworker and friend, CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal reports.

Irvine was a family law attorney and her co-worker, Thomas Slattery, said she was a “great attorney” who was always “happy and energetic.”

Slattery shared an image of Irvine on Facebook with a caption that read: “A tragic loss of a kind, generous, and beautiful lady. She will be greatly missed.”

Kyle Kraska, a sports director for the CBS affiliate KFMB-TV in San Diego, was a close friend of Irvine’s and posted on Facebook that she was singing and dancing to country music when she was shot in the head. Kraska — who survived after being shot multiple times outside his home in 2015 by a house painter — wrote that Irvine’s death felt like “I have now been victimized by gun violence twice.”

“When does it stop?!” he wrote.

12. Bailey Schweitzer


Bailey Schweitzer

Facebook/Bailey Schweitzer

Bailey Schweitzer, a 20-year-old receptionist, was identified by her boss and friend who worked closely with her family, CBS News’ Villarreal reports.

Schweitzer attended the concert with her mother and best friend but there were no immediate reports on their injuries.

“Bailey was a ray of sunshine. She brightened everyone’s day. She’s one of the best people I’ve known,” Amy Campbell told Villarreal.

13. Susan Smith


Susan Smith

Simi Valley School District

Susan Smith, 53, was a victim of the Las Vegas shooting, Jake Finch, a Simi Valley Schools spokeswoman confirmed.

Smith worked for Simi Valley School District in California for 16 years, serving as the office manager at Vista Fundamental Elementary School for three years, Finch said.

“She’s the hub,” Finch told the AP. “She supported the principal, taking care of the many things that happen in the school. She was patient. She was kind, especially with the kids. Even when it was chaotic she would smile.”

She was married and the mother of two adult children and was a big fan of country music.

14. Sandy Casey


Sandy Casey, left, and Christopher Willemse

Facebook/Christopher Willemse

Sandy Casey’s partner Christopher Willemse confirmed the 35-year-old’s death to CBS News in a statement Monday.

“The world lost one of its true bright spots when Sandy was taken away from it. She made the world a better place. She’s been teaching for 11 years primarily at MBMS in Manhattan Beach [California]. She’s kind, witty, and extremely funny! She loved the simple things, country music, running, and yoga!”

Sen. Bernie Sanders also expressed condolences for the Vermonter saying “our hearts are with her friends & family.”

15. Denise Burditus

Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Denise Burditus


The AP writes that while the sun was still shining Sunday at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Denise Burditus posted a photo on Facebook of herself and her husband standing in front of the stage, smiling broadly.

Later, after news of the massacre spread, a friend asked simply: “Are you two ok–”

Burditus never replied.

MetroNews, a West Virginia-based radio network, reported that Tony Burditus wrote on his Facebook page that his wife was among the victims, according to the AP.

“It saddens me to say that I lost my wife of 32 years, a mother of two, soon to be grandmother of five this evening in the Las Vegas shooting,” Tony Burditus wrote. “Denise passed in my arms. I LOVE YOU BABE.”

Denise Burditus’ Facebook page includes a photo of her and her husband at the same festival last year. Mandalay Bay, the hotel where the gunman opened fire, is shown in the background.

16. Neysa Tonks

Neysa TonksDate Taken: Location: Credit: Source/URL: https://www.gofundme.com/NeysaTonksSubmitted by: hudakz@cbsnews.comCleared For All Platforms In Perpetuity

Neysa Tonks shown in an undated photo.


In a blog post Monday, Tonks’ employer, Technologent, said it “lost one of our own in this tragedy. A great mother, colleague and friend, Neysa Tonks.”

The statement added: “She leaves behind three boys — Kaden, Braxton and Greysen. Neysa has brought so much joy, fun and laughter to Technologent — she will be greatly missed by all!”

A GoFundMe page was created for Tonks.

17. Charleston Hartfield


Charleston Hartfield


Nevada Army Guardsman Sgt. 1st Class Charleston Hartfield was among the victims. The 34-year-old was a soldier in the 100th Quartermaster Company headquartered in Las Vegas, KLAS-TV reports.

Brig. Gen. William Burks, the Adjutant General of the Nevada National Guard, said losing any member of the Guard family is difficult, especially in such an unexpected manner. “Charleston Hartfield lived to serve the public and protect his family, he is the epitome of a citizen-soldier,” he said.

“Sgt. 1st Class Hartfield epitomizes everything good about America,” said Brig. Gen. Zachary Doser, the commander of the Nevada Army National Guard.

Charleston leaves behind a wife and two children.

18. Austin Davis


Austin Davis


The death of Austin Davis of Riverside, California, was confirmed by his girlfriend, Aubree Hennigan.

“From Lori and Gary and Stacey and the rest for the family and myself: Tonight we lost an amazing man. Austin, my love, I can’t believe this happened. You didn’t deserve this,” Hennigan wrote on Facebook.

CBS Los Angeles writes that Davis, 29, was part of a local plumbers and pipe-fitters union. Donations can be made in his memory through GoFundMe here and here.

Acording to the Press-Enterprise, Davis was attending the concert with this friend Thomas Day Jr. — who was also killed.

Reuters writes that Davis loved softball and singing karaoke to country songs. He leaves behind his parents and his girlfriend, high school sweetheart, according to the Press Enterprise.

19. Thomas Day Jr.

Tom Day Jr.

Tom Day Jr.


The Los Angeles Times reports that Thomas Day Jr., 54, of Riverside, California, was a homebuilder who went to the festival with his children, who are in their 20s and 30s.

“He was the best dad. That’s why the kids were with him,” his father, Thomas Day Sr., told the newspaper. “They’re crushed.”

20. Cameron Robinson


Cameron Robinson


The death of Cameron Robinson, 28, was confirmed by his sister, Meghan Ervin. She told CBS affiliate KUTV that Robinson was an employee with the city of Las Vegas. She said Robinson attended the festival with his boyfriend and that her brother was struck in the neck. His boyfriend took shrapnel to his back but was expected to survive.

AP writes that Robinson was a records specialist for the city of Las Vegas, and his infectious personality made him the heart of the office, Jerbic, the city attorney, said Tuesday. Robinson moved to southern Utah about a year ago to be with boyfriend Bobby Eardley, and commuted two hours each way to work every day, AP adds.

“He was just so happy — you could see it in his face,” Jerbic said. “If he was alive, he would say this is the best time of his life.”

“(Eardley) actually held him. He was with him when he died. He tried to stop the bleeding. There was so much chaos,” Jerbic said, according to AP.

A GoFundMe page was setup in Robinson’s honor.

21. Carrie Barnette


Carrie Barnette


Carrie Barnette, 34, was identified by her sister, Amy Castillo. She worked at Disneyland for the last 10 years and saved for months to make the trip to Las Vegas for the country music festival, Castillo said.

“She’s my best friend and I don’t know how I can live without her,” she said. She was an aunt to two nieces and three nephews.

Robert Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, mourned Castillo on social media. “A senseless, horrific, act, and a terrible loss for so many,” he tweeted. “We mourn a wonderful member of the Disney family: Carrie Barnette. Tragic.”

Barnette, 34, worked at Disney California Adventure as part of the culinary team, Reuters reports.

22. Rhonda LeRocque


Rhonda LeRocque


Rhonda LeRocque, 42, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was identified by her grandmother, CBS Boston reports.

Her mother, Priscilla Champaign, said she was devastated after learning of LeRocque’s death. “I was devastated [Monday] morning at 7 o’clock to find out she’s been shot, murdered, in a senseless, horrific act,” Champaign told the station.

The AP writes LeRocque attended the concert Sunday with her husband and their 6-year-old daughter, but that the child was taken back to their hotel before the shooting happened.

Champaign told the AP that Rhonda’s husband, Jason, was next to her when she fell. He thought she was ducking but she did not get up.

LeRocque had a love for cooking, music and her family. She worked at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, office of the design company IDEO, according to Champaign.

23. John Phippen

John Phippen

John Phippen

John Phippen of Santa Clarita, California, was identified as one of the victims. He was the owner of JP Specialties, a home remodeling company. Phippen was dancing next to his son, Travis, when he was struck in the lower back.

AP reports that Phippen was a father of six who was always willing to lend an ear — or a cold beer — to a friend in need. His youngest child, a daughter, is just 14.

“He had a heart that was larger than life and a personality to match,” neighbor Leah Nagyivanyi wrote on an online fundraising page, according to AP. “You felt like you knew him for years the first time you met him,” Nagyivanyi said of the 56-year-old.

24. Bill Wolfe Jr.


Bill Wolfe Jr.


Bill Wolfe Jr. of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, was among the victims, police said. Wolfe was an elementary school wrestling coach and a Little League team who leaves behind a wife and a son.

A post on the Shippensburg University wrestling page said the team was “broken-hearted” by the loss.

The AP writes that Wolfe and his wife, Robyn, were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.

Wolfe’s son posted a tribute on Twitter:

25. Kurt Von Tillow


Kurt Von Tillow


Kurt Von Tillow, 55, of Cameron Park, California, was killed in the shooting, CBS Sacramento reports.

His friends and golf buddies told the station that Von Tillow will always be remembered for his laugh, smile and tremendous friendship.

Von Tillow’s sister and niece were injured in the shooting but they are both expected to survive.

Local media reports that Tillow was the “most patriotic person you’ve ever met,” brother-in-law Mark Carson said.

Von Tillow likely was smiling and enjoying the music with his family, sipping on a Coors Light and decked out in red, white and blue, Carson said.

The Sacramento Bee reported that the Cameron Park Country Club, where Tillow was a member, had a procession of golf carts Oct. 2 in remembrance of him.

26. Heather Alvarado


Heather Alvarado


Heather Alvarado, 32, a mother of three, just moved to Cedar City, Utah, from Riverside, California, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Alvarado was a recent transplant recipient, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Alvarado was the wife of Cedar City Firefighter Albert Alvarado, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

The fire department writes that Alvarado “always saw the good in others. She spent her whole life serving others in her family and community. She and Albert loved traveling with their children and went on many trips, cruises and day trips, too many to mention. She was happiest when she was together with her family, especially her children and she would do ANYTHING for them.”

Alvarado ran an in-home day care center in Cedar City, according to the AP, and was a devoted mother, said longtime friend Megan Jackson Gadd.

“She has made huge impacts on those around her with even the smallest gestures,” Jackson Gadd said in a Facebook messenger conversation. “A person like her will never be replaced or forgotten and will be missed dearly every day for the rest of our lives.”

A GoFundMe page was created in Alvarado’s honor.

27. Hannah Ahlers


Hannah Ahlers


Hannah Ahlers, a 34-year-old mother of three from Murrieta, California, was identified by her father-in-law, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Dave Ahlers told the newspaper that she traveled to Vegas with her husband and three other couples. He called her a young Mary Tyler Moore and said “she could have ‘lit the world up with her smile.'”

28. Jessica Klymchuk


Jessica Klymchuk

Jessica Klymchuk, 28, of Edmonton, Canada, a single mother of four, was identified by local media. She was visiting Las Vegas with her fiancé.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley confirmed Klymchuk’s death on Twitter. In a statement, she said “Albertans are shocked, outraged and unspeakably saddened by the horrifying attack.”

The AP writes that Klymchuk lived in the northwestern Alberta town of Valleyview where she worked as an educational assistant, librarian and bus driver at an area Catholic church.

29. Calla Medig


Calla Medig


Calla Medig’s death was confirmed by local media.

The AP writes that Medig, 28, grew up in Jasper, Canada, and took time off from her job at Moxie’s restaurant in west Edmonton to attend the music festival, according to her boss Scott Collingwood.

“This has started to become an annual thing for her. I believe it was her third trip,” he told AP.

A Facebook post by Jasper Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 said it was lowering its flag:

Our flag has been lowered in memory of Calla Medig. A young beautiful lady was taken to soon from us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. RIP Calla

Posted by Jasper Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 on Monday, October 2, 2017

When news broke about the shooting Sunday, Collingwood said he immediately called Medig, It went right to voice mail, and she didn’t answer texts or Facebook messages, according to the AP.

“She was kind of a rock and, as of Thursday, she would have been our newest manager,” Collingwood said. “A lot of us around here have super heavy hearts and we already miss her.”

30. Tara Roe Smith


Tara Roe Smith


Tara Roe Smith, who was 34 and lived in Okotoks, Alberta, was in Las Vegas with her husband, Zach, for a weekend getaway, the AP writes.

Her aunt, Val Rodgers, said Roe Smith, a mother of two, died Sunday.

“She was a beautiful soul. She was a wonderful mother and our family is going to miss her dearly,” Rodgers said when contacted at her home in Brandon, Manitoba, on Tuesday.

A GoFundMe page was created to help the family.

31. Stacee Etcheber


Stacee Etcheber

CBS San Francisco

Stacee Etcheber of Novato, California, was identified by her brother-in-law on Facebook.

Stacee Etcheber, the wife of a San Francisco police officer, was killed Sunday, CBS San Francisco reports. She was attending the festival with her husband Officer Vinnie Etcheber.

Etcheber, 34, was remembered Tuesday by friends and family as a beloved mother, wife and daughter.

“It’s with a heavy heart and deep sorrow, Stacee Etcheber has passed away,” Al Etcheber, Stacee’s brother-in-law, said in a statement posted early Tuesday morning on Facebook. “Please pray for our family during this difficult time. She leaves behind two adoring beautiful children and an amazing husband. Thank you to everyone for all the support in this past few days.”

The San Francisco Police Officers’ Association said in a statement, “Stacee was a wonderful, caring wife, mother, and daughter. She will be terribly missed. Our deepest condolences go out to the entire Etcheber family and our thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost a loved one during this tragic attack.”

Al Etcheber also spoke at a press conference late Tuesday morning to address the sad news.

“When the shooting occurred, it was all about helping other people,” said Etcheber. “When my brother went out to help other folks and put her in safety and told her to run out of there, she didn’t run out of there. She came back and helped other people as well. That’s when they got separated. From there, we really didn’t know what happened.”

The SFPD also released a statement saying the department is grieving today after this senseless act of violence.

The police officers’ union set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help support the family.

32. Jordyn Rivera


Jordyn Rivera

Facebook/Cal State University-San Bernardino

Jordyn Rivera, 21, of San Bernardino, California, was a fourth-year college student studying health care management, according to Cal State University-San Bernardino.

“I personally got a chance to know her when we spent time together last summer in London during the summer abroad program. As one of her faculty members noted, we will remember and treasure her for her warmth, optimism, energy, and kindness,” the university’s president, Tomás Morales, said on Facebook.

33. Quinton Robbins


Quinton Robbins, 20, Robbins leaves behind a younger brother and sister, who adored him, as well as his parents.

AP reports that Quinton Robbins of Henderson, Nevada, was the big brother who coached his little brother’s flag football team, the prom king who was nice to everyone regardless of their high school social standing, an outdoorsman who loved to fish and boat around the lake.

“The kid was loved by everyone,” Mike Wells, his uncle, said. “He was popular in high school, but would walk up to the kid who wasn’t so popular and befriend him and make him feel good.”

Robbins, 20, died moments after a bullet struck his chest and exited through his lower back, AP writes. He was up on his knees, looking for a spot to take his girlfriend for shelter, when he was hit, said Wells, recounting Robbins’ girlfriend’s account from Sunday night.

“I think I got shot,” Robbins looked at her and said before collapsing.

AP adds that Robbins leaves behind a younger brother and sister, who adored him, as well as his parents, Wells said. His parents sat beside Robbins, who had already died, until about 5 or 6 in the morning, Wells said, before rushing home to make sure they could tell his 11-year-old brother the news themselves.

34. Dana Gardner


Dana Gardner

Dana Gardner, 52, of Grand Terrace, California, was attending the music festival with her daughter Kayla when the gunfire erupted, AP writes.

Gardner was a deputy recorder in the San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder’s Officer, per AP. She’d held a job there since 1991, accourding to David Wert, a county spokesman.

The AP writes that Gardner had two other children, sons Anthony and Ryan, and lived with her little white dog, Ellie. She loved the outdoors and travelling, filling her Facebook page with pictures from a trip to Puerto Rico and walks on beaches, or in redwood forests, AP adds.

35. Dorene Anderson


Dorene Anderson


Dorene Anderson, whose Facebook page identifies her as a stay-at-home mom, was killed in the shootings, according to a member of the Alaska Aces organization, CBS affiliate KTVA-TV in Anchorage, Alaska, writes.

Anderson’s Facebook page says she was in Vegas attending the music festival and was the second person from Alaska confirmed killed.

Anderson’s husband, John, works for the Alaska Housing Finance Corp., the AP writes. The CEO of that organization sent an email to employees Monday informing them that Dorene had been killed in the shooting.

Anderson described herself on her Facebook page as having a passion for the Alaska Aces, a minor league hockey team that recently disbanded and was sold to the parent company of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers. She had been a member of the Aces’ “Cowbell Crew.”

Stacy Shubert, the director of governmental relations and public affairs for the corporation, told AP that the family requested privacy.

36. Jack Beaton


Jack Beaton


Jack Beaton of Bakersfield, California, died while saving his wife during the shooting, Reuters reports.

Jack’s death was confirmed with a post by his son Jake on Facebook:

Lost my best friend. I love you so much more then you could ever imagine. Please watch over our family. You will forever be remembered as our hero! #atruehero

Posted by Jake Tucker Beaton on Monday, October 2, 2017

A photo posted to Facebook apparently shows Beaton with his wife at the concert.

Reuters adds that Beaton worked as a grill master at a barbecue restaurant.

37. Melissa Ramirez


Melissa Ramirez


A post on Facebook by a family member confirms the death of Melissa Ramirez, 26.

The AP writes that Melissa’s parents and siblings hurried to Las Vegas from Littlerock, California, after getting word of the shootings.

“They searched Monday … searched everywhere,” said another cousin, Fabiola Farnetti, 34, of Palmdale, California.

Around 5 a.m. Tuesday, Melissa’s parents positively identified her body.

Farnetti said Melissa had been posting photos from the festival on Instagram and Snapchat. The 2015 graduate of California State University, Bakersfield, Melissa Ramirez worked as a member specialist for an auto insurance company.

“I’m sure she liked country music. I know she was really into music, period,” Farnetti said. “I never once saw her in a bad mood or upset about anything. She was always positive. Her smile would just brighten up everyone’s day.”Maribel Ramirez, Melissa’s cousin, learned of the death on Facebook.

There is a GoFundMe page setup in Ramirez’s memory.

38. Kelsey Brianne Meadows

kelsey meadows

Kelsey Meadows

Fresno State

The AP writes that Kelsey Meadows, 28, loved children and she returned to her hometown of Taft, California, to teach at her alma mater, Taft Union High School, after earning her degree. Meadows was a substitute teacher.

“Kelsey was smart, compassionate and kind. She had a sweet spirit and a love for children,” Principal Mary Alice Finn said in a statement.

Meadows’ brother, Brad Meadows, posted on his Facebook page that his sister had not been heard from since going to the music festival. The firefighter thanked everyone for helping them try to find her.

“So it is with an absolutely shattered heart that I let everyone know that Kelsey did not survive this tragic event,” Meadows posted Tuesday.

Meadows was a Fresno State University alumna, according to a statement posted online by the school.

Meadows was “a gifted teacher who demonstrated a skill and passion for her chosen profession,” said FSU history professor Dr. Lori Clune.

The statement added that Fresno State President Joseph I. Castro said that Meadows’ memory will be honored with a flag tribute the day of her services — which has yet to be determined.

The statement read: “On behalf of her alma mater, I extend my deepest condolences to Kelsey’s family, friends and colleagues as well as the faculty and staff she knew here at the University. Fresno State will honor her memory by posting our national and state flags at half-staff on the day of her services.”

39. Laura Shipp


Laura Shipp


Laura Shipp’s death was confirmed by family members with two social media posts on Facebook.

The AP writes that Shipp raised her son Corey by herself, then moved to Las Vegas from Thousand Oaks, California, a few years ago to be closer to him. Both were country music fans, and they went to the Route 91 Harvest Festival together, said Laura Shipp’s mother, Joyce Shipp.

They were together until just before a gunman opened fire Sunday night, AP adds.

“We really don’t know what happened, just that she went to the bathroom and nobody saw her after that,” Joyce Shipp said of her 50-year-old daughter, a dispatcher at an air conditioner company.

After her son, a Marine Corps reservist, spent more than a day trying to find out what had happened to Shipp, he was notified she was dead.

“He’s not doing great,” Joyce Shipp said of her grandson. “He’s just trying to get his arms around all this but he’s surrounded by his friends and family. We don’t want to leave him alone at this time.”

A GoFundMe page was created in Shipp’s memory.

40. Keri Lynn Galvan


Keri Lynn Galvan


The AP writes that Keri Lynn Galvan was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with her husband, Justin, when she was killed, sister Lindsey Poole said in a statement. Her husband survived.

“She was senselessly murdered … while enjoying a night out with her husband and friends,” Poole wrote.

Galvan, 31, of Thousand Oaks, California, leaves behind children 2, 4 and 10 years old.

Galvan’s days “started and ended with doing everything in her power to be a wonderful mother,” Poole wrote.

Her employer, Mastro’s Steakhouse, in Thousand Oaks, California, also confirmed her death.

41. Carrie Parsons


Carrie Parsons


Carrie Parsons’ death was confirmed by her brother, Jeff, with a post on Facebook.

Reuters cites local media as saying Parsons was attending the music festival on a girls trip. She was recently engaged in Hawaii, worked as a recruiter, was full of life, a country music fan and attended several festivals.

“She would always say ‘live, laugh, love’ and she did that,” a close friend to local media.

42. Michael Anderson


Michael Anderson


Michael Anderson’s death was confirmed by friends according to a GoFundMe page that was created for him.

Anderson, a native of Las Vegas, leaves behind two young sons, a girlfriend, parents and siblings.

43. Brennan Stewart


Brennan Stewart


Brennan Stewart’s death was confirmed by a family member’s post on Facebook.

The AP writes that country music was nearly everything for Stewart, who rarely missed a chance to hear it performed live, according to a statement from his family.

The 30-year-old musician from Las Vegas played guitar and wrote his own songs, AP reports. He always put others first, even in his final moments when he used his body to shield his girlfriend from the gunfire, his family said.

He was an Atlanta Braves and San Francisco 49ers fan, AP writes, and let his family know what they meant to him.

“If country music ever disappeared I feel like I would too,” Brennan once wrote on Facebook. “After a long day of work I go pick up the ‘old geetar’ and strum my stresses away.”

A GoFundMe page created in his memory pledges to donate the money to a youth organization centered around the art of music.

44. Carly Kreibaum


Carly Kreibaum


Family members confirmed Carly Kreibaum’s death to local media and in a Facebook post.

The AP writes that 33-year-old Kreibaum lived in Sutherland, Iowa, with a population of fewer than 620 people. She traveled to Las Vegas with friends.

The Sioux City Journal reported she attended the concert with two friends who said they got separated but saw her get shot.

AP says Kreibaum was a mother of two and a Sibley native who graduated from Sibley-Ocheyedan High School. She later attended Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. The Sutherland Church of Christ has set up a bank account for donations to her husband and children.

45. Rocio Guillen


Rocio Guillen


CBS Los Angeles reports that Rocio Guillen was killed Sunday night.

The station says the 40-year-old gave birth to her fourth child just six weeks ago and now her family is torn apart by the sudden loss. Even though Guillen was shot, she managed to climb a fence and get out but later died at the hospital.

AP writes that Guillen worked as an assistant general manager at a pizza restaurant, and went to Katella High school in Anaheim.

A GoFundMe page was created in her memory.

46. Lisa Patterson


Lisa Patterson


Robert Patterson raced to Las Vegas when he learned his wife Lisa Patterson, 46, of Lomita, California, was missing in the chaos of Sunday night’s shooting, CBS Los Angeles reports.

She was the mother of his three children, and they had been together for more than 30 years. “I can’t believe she’s gone,” he said.

“There was nobody that cared more about people and life than my wife Lisa,” Robert told CBS Los Angeles.

Patterson was an active community volunteer and business owner of Robert Patterson Hardwood Floors with her husband, Reuters writes, citing the Daily Breeze in Torrance.

Lisa was a graduate of El Camino College and Rolling Hills High School, she was Parent Teacher Association president at St. John’s Fisher Parish School in Rancho Palos Verdes and a volunteer at the Palos Verdes Girls Softball League.

A GoFundMe page was created in Patterson’s memory.

47. Lt. Derrick “Bo” Taylor


Derrick “Bo” Taylor

Lt. Derrick “Bo” Taylor’s death was confirmed by a press release by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Taylor, 56, served the department for decades, beginning his career in 1988. He worked as a commander at the Ventura Conservation Camp, which houses inmates that help California fight wildfires, AP writes.

48. Andrea Castilla


Andrea Castilla


Andrea Castilla, 28, was confirmed dead by multiple posts on social media by family members.

Castilla was in Las Vegas to celebrate her 28th birthday. She grew up in Fountain Valley, California.

In addition, Sephora said it mourns Castilla’s death as she was a makeup artist with them and was remembered by a customer as always kind and helpful.

Her aunt set up a GoFundMe to raise money for her memorial service.

49. Nicol Kimura


Nicol Kimura


The death of Nicol Kimura was confirmed by multiple reports on social media and local media.

According to the AP, Kimura, 38, went to the music festival with a group of seven men and women who call themselves “framily” — friends who are like family. She was fatally shot seconds after the gunfire began, said Ryan Miller, who is part of the group.

Kimura, a Southern California native, lived in Placentia and is survived by her parents, a sister and the friends who were with her when she died. She was single and didn’t have children, AP writes, but she was treated like family by the kids of group members, Miller added.

“She was a mom to all of our kids; they called her ‘auntie,'” he said. “I have two kids myself, and they were just absolutely devastated that they will not be able to see her again.”

Kimura worked in a tax office for Orange County and spent most weekends with her friends. No one else in the group was shot.

“She was just such an amazing woman and she was just such a light,” he said.

CBS Los Angeles writes that Kimura’s friend, Melodie Ybarra, said: “You are now a beautiful angel as you were here on Earth.”

A GoFundMe page was created in Kimura’s memory.

50. Christiana Duarte

Christiana Duarte

Christiana Duarte


Christiana Duarte, 22, just took her first job, working in marketing for the Los Angeles Kings after graduating from the University of Arizona, the AP reports.

“It’s just so tragic that this evil, evil man would do this, would just destroy the life of this beautiful young woman,” said family spokeswoman Danette Myers, a co-worker of Duarte’s father at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. “She would’ve given so much to this world, and now that’s been cut short.”

A GoFundMe page was created in Duarte’s memory.

Duarte was the only daughter in a well-known Los Angeles family. Her father, Michael Duarte, is a deputy district attorney, and her older brother, also Michael, is a prospect for the Chicago White Sox baseball team, Myers said.

Ariel Romero, the younger Michael’s girlfriend who was with Christiana at the concert, is still in the hospital recovering from her own gunshot wounds, Myers said. A GoFundMe page was created for Ariel.

51. Denise Cohen

Denise Cohen

Denise Cohen


Denise Cohen was the mother of two sons and her Facebook page has since become memorialized after Sunday’s deadly shooting.

Local media says Cohen lived for the past two years with Leana Orsua in Carpinteria, California.

One of her two sons, Jeff Rees sent a message to Orsua saying, “Our mother was such a strong beautiful and happy woman who made a difference to the lives of everyone she knew. She was such a happy person and enjoyed doing the things in life that she loved.  We can see by the last photo of her that she was indeed happy and with a person that loves her, Bo.”

“She was more than just a friend to me, she was like a sister or a family member,” said Orsua. “She was a very active social person she touched so many lives. She was a super positive, genuine, kind-hearted individual.”

A GoFundMe page was created in Cohen’s memory.

52. Erick Silva

Erick Silva

Erick Silva


Erick Silva, 21, was working as a private security guard at the music festival when he was killed while trying to help people get out of the venue safely, the AP reports.

His close friend, Martin Adrian Marin Jr., said he was not surprised Silva died helping others. “He would give the shirt off his back to comfort anyone,” Marin said. “He was such a courageous man.”

AP writes that Marin saved the last text message Silva sent to him that Sunday morning, before going to work at the festival.

“I want to wish you a lovely and productive day,” Silva texted. “Just know that I am always here.”

Silva would send text messages like that almost daily, Marin said.

“He was always so sweet and generous and caring,” he said. “It was not hard to fall in love with his personality.”

53. Chris Hazencomb

Chris Hazencomb

Chris Hazencomb


Chris Hazencomb of Camarillo, California, was age 44.

A GoFundMe page was created in Hazencomb’s memory.

54. Victor Link


Victor Link


Victor Link of San Clemente, California, was 55.

55. Patricia Mestas


Patricia Mestas


Reuters writes that Patricia Mestas, 67, loved attending country music concerts, her best friend told a local newspaper in Riverside, California.

“She went to almost every country show in driving distance,” Isa Bahu told the Press-Enterprise.

One of her favorite artists was Jason Aldean — who happened to be performing when the gun shots rang out Sunday night.

Reuters writes that Mestas lived in Menifee, California, and had attended high school in Pomona.

“Her generous smile was infectious, and it brightly reflected the glory of God like a beacon of joy,” her cousin Tom Smith said on Facebook.

A GoFundMe page was created in Mestas’ honor.

56. Brian Fraser

Briana Pagan Flanigan/GoFundMeSource

Brian Fraser

CBS News confirmed Brian Fraser’s death over the phone with one of his coworkers.

57. Candice Bowers


Candice Bowers


CBS News confirmed Candice Bowers’ death with her aunt over the phone.

CBS affiliate KLAS-TV reports that she was a single mother of three from Garden Grove, California. Bowers, 40, drove to Las Vegas with a friend to attend the music festival.

A GoFundMe page was created in Bowers’ memory.

58. Brett Schwanbeck


Brett Schwanbeck, 61, of Bullhead City, Arizona died Tuesday after suffering a head wound on Sunday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal writes.

Schwanbeck, a retired truck driver, had two sons and a daughter. He had five grandchildren.

“He liked to be where no one else was at. He liked to get lost out in the middle of the woods,” his youngest son Shawn Schwanbeck told the Review-Journal Wednesday. “My dad was the funnest guy in the world to be around.”

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