Aroldis Chapman’s 6-wheel, Kevlar-covered Jeep is ‘an absolute monster’ truck

Aroldis Chapman will soon be roaming the streets of New York in style, and it will be hard to miss him.The Yankees closer is the new owner of a custom-made, six-wheel Jeep that is lined with black Kevlar on the outside and red fabric on the inside, including Chapman’s “The Cuban Missile” logo.

(South Florida Jeeps)“The thing is an absolute monster,” Joe Ghattas, the owner of South Florida Jeeps, told The Post. “It’s huge, it’s loud and it’s just offensive to all the senses.”Chapman came into the shop, which specializes in custom makes, two months ago and was looking for “something really wild,” Ghattas said. For a price tag of $150,000, as TMZ first reported, they did just that.FOX NEWS AUTOS TEST: 2020 JEEP GLADIATOR MOJAVEGhattas threw plenty of ideas at Chapman and he was all for them, and the Yankee added in his own touch with the request for the Kevlar lining. Ghattas and his crew cut the frame of a Jeep in half, extended it by four feet, added an extra axle and hand made the rest of the SUV. It has a twin-turbo diesel engine with 600 horsepower and is fully decked out with other features inside.

(South Florida Jeeps)“He came and test drove it the other day,” Ghattas said. “He doesn’t speak a whole lot of English, but he was smiles from ear-to-ear. He said, ‘It’s f–ing awesome.’”The company has also made custom Jeeps for Hassan Whiteside and Scott Disick, among others.

(South Florida Jeeps)The 32-year-old flamethrowing Chapman, who’s been bulking up for the 2020 season, is expected in New York this week as the Yankees report for a second spring training Wednesday. Ghattas said Chapman planned on bringing the new car with him, and while there may not be much of a chance for off-roading — with six-wheel drive, it is “unstuckable,” Ghattas said — he should be well-protected getting to Yankee Stadium.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
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