April Fools Jokes Around the Web 2019

april fools day 2019

Google Introduces Google Tulip

Google, has plenty of money to spend and a lot of creative employees to help create elaborate April Fools jokes.  Today Google has created Google Tulip, a breakthrough in human-plant interaction and communication.

Google Screen Cleaner

Google Screen Cleaner keeps your phone clean on the outside, using a special haptic vibration system and the Smudge Detector API.

Lego Find my Lego Brick App

Lego Find my Brick April Fools Joke

Admit it, this is an App you would actually like to have! How many lego bricks have you searched hours for?

McDonald’s Milkshake Sauce Pots


Roku Press Paws

At Roku, we believe TV is for everyone – even for pets! According to customer feedback, many of you lean on the TV to help entertain their playful pooch when they’re not at home. For our favorite furry friends, the television viewing experience can be static, and dare we say, unfulfilling…and that’s ruff.

Offline Labels

Paper filing systems, crayons, QVC-style TV shopping, and plenty more as OnlineLabels thinks about your privacy, and removes the risk of doing business online. It’s an April Fools’ classic prank! Offlinelabels.com is actually funny!

Virgin Australia Fly Foods Delivered Worldwide

TMobile BoothE Soundproof Booths

2019 Tmobile April Fools Prank

T-Mobile Phone BoothE, the Un-Carrier,  launches its next innovation: soundproof booths that offer ultimate privacy, so you can use your smartphone in peace even on the streets of the busiest cities in America! The thing I love about this April Fool’s Prank is that they actually made one!  This weekend you can find Phone BoothE in New York City, Washington D.C. and T-Mobile’s hometown of Seattle, with many more to come. Find out more: Learn More Here

Kingfisher Instant Beer

As the leading Beer brand of the country, Kingfisher feels that it is our responsibility to ensure that your beer drinking experience is hassle free. Presenting the all new Kingfisher Instant Beer. Just add to chilled water, stir and enjoy the good times anytime, anywhere. Register now to get an exclusive first taste: http://bit.ly/KFInstantBeer

#Beer #KFInstantBeer #InstantBeer #KingfisherPremiumInstantBeer

Hello Fresh Unicorn Box

Extensive research tells Hello Fresh that rainbow foods are all the rage. So their team of fairy-chefs has been hard at work developing our most magical offering yet: The Unicorn Box. This brand new, first-of-its-kind experience will let you eat like a mythical creature. Brush away the confetti to find a box full of farm-fresh rainbows, smiles, and joy right at your doorstep.

The box features three colorful recipes that will help you capture the perfect Instagram and channel your inner unicorn. Trust us, there’s no shortage of magic, sugar, or calories in these delicious recipes.  Click Here to Order Yours today!Click Here to Order Yours today!

Radfit Electric Stationery Bike

Don’t sweat it you can miss your workout! Like a spin class on steroids, the RadFit electric stationary bike features a classically Rad colorway and our standard 750W electric motor. The RadFit does your workout so you don’t have to.

For more info, check out www.radpowerbikes.com/radfit.

Honda Pastport

Honda presents, the ’90s-themed trim for the all-new Passport. The Pastport.

The authentic look of the new Passport on the outside, yet simplified with everything you love about the ’90s on the inside. A trim exclusively built for those who are looking for that next step of self-expression and uniqueness. *Slap bracelets not included. Learn more: https://automobiles.honda.com

Tinder Height Verification

Tinder Height Verification

Introducing Tinder’s Height Verification Badge (HVB), because yes — sometimes it matters

It’s the tool we’ve had in our back-pockets for years, but we were hoping your honesty would allow us to keep it there. Our verification tool is super easy to use, and extremely hard to misuse.


There is good April fools news for zombies though. Capcom, responsible for a series of games in the zombie-shooting genre, are looking to hire some replacement zombies. If you apply, you get to find out which zombie you have been allocated.