Appearing Tuesday on MSNBC, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) attempted to dismiss growing accusations that his administration failed to protect nursing home residents during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, asserting: “We did everything we could” and did not skip any “precautions.”

A partial transcript is as follows: 
STEPHANIE RUHLE: You have been criticized for your comments about nursing homes. Some people say you did not act quickly enough, too little, too late. What is your response to that criticism?
GOV. ANDREW CUOMO: I’m getting criticized now for doing too much. I have the strongest national provisions in place where staff of nursing homes must be tested twice per week, and the nursing homes are upset that this is too burdensome for them to do it. I understand that it’s burdensome. I understand it’s the most aggressive in the nation, but I also understand that this is the most vulnerable population in the most vulnerable place. We will have lost many Americans in this, but the only solace we’re going to be to take is we can say we did everything we could, and we didn’t lose anyone for want of medical care, precautions, etcetera. Yes, they’re unhappy that I’m saying two tests a week for staff, but I want to make sure every one of us can say we did everything that we could.

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