Are You Addicted to Watching the Eagle Cam?

eagle cam livestream stopthebull

Excitement about two eagle eggs at a nest in North Fort Myers rose this past Thursday when a crack could be seen in one of the eggs. A Florida eaglet made its big debut before an audience of thousands of transfixed humans when it finally pecked its way out of its egg on a live “Eagle Cam” streamed online.

The Fort Meyers Southwest Florida Eagle Cam video has racked up 61 million views since late November as bald eagle Harriet and her mate, M-15, have taken turns sitting on their two eggs. Three cameras offer different angles to bird lovers without disturbing the nest.

A small, X-shaped crack could be seen this past Thursday afternoon in one of the eggs via the Pritchett Real Estate eagle camera after Harriet took a break and flew off.

Florida Eagle Cam Stopthebull

Update: As of January 2nd, 2017 – the 2nd Egg has yet to hatch but live streaming continues!

Watch Eagle Cam Live Here

Video and photos of the eggs and the eagles have been aired on media outlets around the world in the past few days including the Today Show on NBC, CNN, Fox News and many more.

Please Note:  The best place to view the Eagle’s nest is from home via the live camera.  Pursuant to state and federal law it is illegal to “take, feed, disturb, possess, sell, purchase or barter, or attempt to engage in any such conduct, any bald eagle or parts thereof, or their nests or eggs. All violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Bald eagles are usually ready to fledge by 9 to 10 weeks of age, when they’re close to being full grown. They strike out fully on their own by about 6 months.

The mortality rate for an eaglet’s first year is greater than 50 percent, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They can be killed in the nest by other eagles fighting for territory, and owls prey on chicks. They can also be felled by environmental toxins, including lead they may ingest eating meat contaminated by bullets. Cars and electrical lines are other hazards, according to the National Eagle Center.

“Eagles are wild birds and anything can happen in the wild,” warns the online camera site, run by a local real estate company. “The Southwest Florida Eagle Camera does not interfere or intervene and allows nature to take its course. You will see life and you might see death, but this is nature at her finest.”


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