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    6 reboots of ’90s TV shows on Netflix, ranked from worst to best by critics

    6 reboots of ’90s TV shows on Netflix, ranked from worst to best by critics

    fuller housefuller house

    “Fuller House”


    • Reboots of beloved 1990s TV shows like “Animaniacs” and “Saved by the Bell” are in the works for Hulu and the upcoming NBCUniversal streaming service, Peacock, respectively. 
    • Streaming leader Netflix has already notably tapped into the ’90s for content, rebooting shows like “Full House” and “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”
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    With the launch of Disney Plus in November, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max last month, and NBCUniversal’s Peacock still to come in July, the streaming wars are heating up. And media companies are looking back at years-old properties to tap into nostalgia and reel in potential subscribers.

    Notably, the 1990s has provided streamers with plenty of potential content. An “Animaniacs” reboot is in development at Hulu and a “Saved by the Bell” revival is in the works for Peacock. 

    But Netflix is the streamer that has best capitalized on the era with “Fuller House” and “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Even its first big hit original series, “House of Cards,” was an American remake of a 1990s British miniseries of the same name. 

    And there’s more to come. “The Baby-Sitters Club,” based on the children’s book series that was previously adapted into a TV miniseries in 1990, is coming to Netflix on July 3. 

    Reboots in general have helped attract subscribers. Disney Plus, which focuses on a library of nostalgic hits, revived “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” for a final season. The service has more than 54 million subscribers. Netflix, which has been quick to revive canceled fan-favorite shows like “Lucifer,” has 183 million subscribers worldwide. 

    We looked at the ’90s TV reboots Netflix has delivered and ranked them by critic scores from Rotten Tomatoes. We omitted shows that didn’t have enough critical reviews to get a score, like “The Magic School Bus Rides Again.”

    6. “Fuller House” — 2016-2020 (five seasons)

    Fuller House

    Fuller House now follows D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler as they raise D.J.’s three boys


    Average critic score: 42% (based on first two seasons)

    Description: “The Tanner family’s adventures continue as DJ Tanner-Fuller shares a home with her sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy who help raise her three boys.”

    What critics said: “Even with different ingredients (minus the Olsen twins, the adult daughters have largely taken over for the guest-starring men), the recipe is shockingly intact. It’s just a really bland recipe.” — San Francisco Chronicle (season five)

    Original series run (“Full House”): 1987-1995, eight seasons on ABC

    5. “Bill Nye Saves the World” — 2017-2018 (three seasons)

    bill nye saves the world netflix


    Average critic score: 75% (based on first season)

    Description: “Emmy-winning host Bill Nye brings experts and famous guests to his lab for a talk show exploring scientific issues that touch our lives.”

    What critics said: “If it’s not quite a rescue mission, Nye appears to have taken to heart the concept of trying to provide a small beacon of light rather than just cursing the darkness.” — CNN (season one)

    Original series run (“Bill Nye the Science Guy”): 1993-1998, five seasons on PBS and in syndication

    4. “House of Cards” — 2013-2018 (six seasons)

    house of cards


    Average critic score: 77%

    Description: “With Frank out of the picture, Claire Underwood steps fully into her own as the first woman president, but faces formidable threats to her legacy.”

    What critics said: “Cards has always been a show whose plot contortions could confuse and whose incremental intrigue could bore, and those problems are worse now that everyone seems to be whispering.” — The Atlantic (season six)

    Original series run: 1990, miniseries on BBC

    3. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” — 2018-present (three seasons)

    chilling adventures of sabrina


    Average critic score: 84% (includes winter special)

    Description: “Magic and mischief collide as half-human, half-witch Sabrina navigates between two worlds: mortal teen life and her family’s legacy, the Church of Night.”

    What critics said: “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 hones in on what makes the show so much fun and amplifies it to it’s most ridiculous but oh-so-entertaining levels yet.” — Collider (season three)

    Original series run (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”): 1996-2003, seven seasons on ABC and The WB

    2. “Carmen Sandiego” — 2019-present (two seasons)

    carmen sandiego netflix


    Average critic score: 93%

    Description: “A master thief who uses her skills for good, Carmen Sandiego travels the world foiling V.I.L.E.’s evil plans — with help from her savvy sidekicks.”

    What critics said: “The show is richer for not setting up a simple showdown of brains versus brawn.” — Indiewire (season one)

    Original series run (“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”): 1991-1995, five seasons on PBS

    1. “Mystery Science Theater 3000” — 2017-2018 (two seasons)


    Average critic score: 100%

    Description: “The cult hit returns! Captured by mad scientists, new host Jonah survives a blitz of cheesy B movies by riffing on them with his funny robot pals.”

    What critics said: “The movies are a good selection for the most part. They were able to pick six movies that have very little to do with each other. A very nice variety, all things considered.” — Den of Geek (season two)

    Original series run: 1988-1999, 12 seasons on various networks

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