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    36 fun and practical gifts that new parents will love

    36 fun and practical gifts that new parents will love

    fast_table_chair Inglesina


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    The best gifts for new parents are practical and fun — stuff they can use to make their lives a little easier during a difficult but rewarding time. They’re bound to love any of these 36 gift ideas, while putting them to good use too.

    We’ve got gifts that will help them wake up or get some sleep when they have the chance. There are handy items here that they can use in the nursery or on the road, along with some fun stuff, like mustache pacifiers, that are great for a laugh. 

    Read on for 36 of the best gifts for new parents:

    A safe, easy-to-use nail trimmer

    gift for new parents: bbluv trimo baby nail trimmer


    Bblüv Trimö Baby Electric Nail Trimmer, available at Buy Buy Baby, $29.99

    Baby nails can get really sharp. And because they’re so small and delicate, they can be intimidating to take care of. This electric trimmer makes it easy to gently cut fingernails and toenails without having to worry about getting them too short. The electric file gently rounds off the rough edges.

    Delicious homemade baby food

    baby brezza glass one step baby food maker gift for new parents

    Baby Brezza

    Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker, available at Buy Buy Baby and Target, from $99.99

    Buying baby food by the jar gets expensive, and it leaves you with an ever-expanding pile of empty containers that may or may not be getting recycled. The Baby Brezza solves that by letting you steam and puree your own baby food. It comes with a handy recipe book to get started.

    A comfortable seat for baby

    Gifts for new parents: 36 gift ideas that they'll use


    Bumboo Infant Floor Seat, available at Buy Buy Baby and Target, $39.99

    Made from soft, durable foam, the Bumboo seat helps babies learn to sit upright, starting at three months. Parents will appreciate its portability as well as how easy it is to clean.

    A fun way to clean up snot-nosed kids

    Gifts for new parents: Frida Baby Nose Frida the Snotsucker


    Frida Baby Nose Frida the Snotsucker, available at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon, from $15.99

    Stuffy noses can make a baby uncomfortable. Since they can’t just go blow it out with a tissue, they need a little help. The Nose Frida Snotsucker looks, well, weird, but it’s safe, clean, easy to wash, and if we’re being honest, it’s kind of fun too. 

    Cozy moccasins for baby’s first steps



    TPMOCS Custom Moccasins, available at TPMocs from $74

    Handcrafted at every step of the way by Native American artisans, these beautiful, durable customized moccasins keep baby’s feet comfortable with every step. A portion of all purchases goes toward addressing poverty for Native American communities in need.   

    A pillow spray to help parents get a good night’s sleep

    deep sleep spray

    This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, available at Dermstore, $29

    Sleep is a tenuous proposition, at best, for new parents, so when they finally get the chance to turn in for the night, this spray will help them fall into a deeper and more relaxed sleep. Featuring a pleasing blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetivert, the relaxing scent helps a person doze off. One of our reporters swears by it for a better night’s sleep.

    A comfortable and flexible baby sling

    baby sling


    Baby K’tan Original Carrier, available at Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, and Target, $49.99

    Hands-free carrying is a convenient way to keep baby close that parents will appreciate, whether they’re grocery shopping or talking on the phone. This sling is comfortable for the baby as well as parents. It’s a gift one of Business Insider’s own gives to new parents after having used it with her kids from the time they were born until they were toddlers. You can check out our top picks for the best baby carriers here.

    Crib sheets in cute prints



    Brooklittles Crib Sheet Sets, available at Brooklinen, from $28.80

    From spit up to diaper blowouts, crib sheets have to endure a lot, so it’s essential that there’s always a clean one handy. Parents will really appreciate such a practical gift when they need one. Brooklinen’s line of sheets for little ones feature fun patterns and prints that look great in any nursery.

    A baby book parents will actually want to fill out

    babys_first_year Lucy_Darling


    Lucy Darling Flower Child Memory Book, available at Maisonette, $34.99

    Parents always appreciate looking back on the special memories they otherwise might have lost to sleep deprivation during baby’s first year. Jotting down moments to savor won’t feel like more paperwork with this spiral-bound baby book adorned with fun floral patterns. There’s even a place for the baby’s hand and foot prints.

    A portable gadget for fussy sleepers

    baby shusher


    Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle, available at Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Amazon, and Target, $34.99

    White-noise machines are useful gadgets to have around because they’re helpful for getting a fussy baby to fall asleep. The Baby Susher plays a real human voice, and it’s easy to use at home, in the car, etc. 

    A pacifier that won’t keep falling to the ground

    avent giraffe soothie

    Amazon/Business Insider

    Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder with Detachable Pacifier, available at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon, from $14.88

    This pacifier features a plush animal that can be detached to make cleaning both pieces fast and easy. You can choose from a variety of animals, including elephant, giraffe, monkey, and seal, that make it easy to find and comforting for babies to snuggle. 

    Socks for tired feet

    Bombas socks


    Gift a Bombas Gift Box, from $65

    Bombas’ comfortable gym socks feature a blister tab and cushioned footbeds that wrap feet in luxury. Busy, tired parents will appreciate comfortable socks. Also, Bombas also donates a pair to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased. 

    A sleek bassinet that rocks crying babies to sleep



    Snoo Rental Gift Card, available at Happiest Baby, from $29.69/week

    There’s nothing new parents will appreciate more than a little help with a baby who doesn’t sleep well. Sensing when a baby is tense, the Snoo automatically rocks them to sleep with a gentle motion. There’s also a built-in white noise machine and a swaddle to help calm fussy little ones. Parents can control the bassinet and monitor it via the app. And while the Snoo is expensive, the company has a rental program for a more affordable option.

    A meal kit delivery service so they can cook for themselves

    blue apron

    Blue Apron

    Blue Apron Subscription Gift Card, from $60

    Cooking can be an extra hassle for frazzled new parents, but a delivery service like this can make it a little easier to get a healthy, home-cooked meal. Blue Apron boxes come with preportioned ingredients and three easy-to-cook recipes. They’ll get one week of meal kits for $60.

    Check out our guide to the best meal kit delivery services, which includes options for special diets.

    A portable way to secure babies to their seats

    fast_table_chair Inglesina


    Inglesina Fast Table Chair in Black, available at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon, $69.99

    A popular choice for an easy-to-use high chair because of its convenience, the Inglesia Fast Table Chair can be used with any table up to 3.3 inches thick. And it can be used for children ranging in age from 6 months to 3 years.

    A 5-in-1 machine to help baby sleep


    Baby Dream Machine

    Baby Dream Machine, available at Baby Dream Machine, $99

    On top of smoothing “pink noise” sound that help infants relax, the Baby Dream Machine is also a cool-mist humidifier as well as an aromatherapy machine. It even provides red light and night light therapy with an adorable bear design that will great in the nursery. 

    The gift of getting some shut-eye

    sleep_sack_swaddle Halo

    Halo/Business Insider

    Halo Sleepsack Swaddle Wrap, available at Buy Buy Baby and Target, $21.99

    Swaddling helps a baby feel more relaxed, and a more relaxed baby is a better sleeper. This transitioning swaddle features a unique design that allows a baby to be wrapped with their arms in or out, which is important for safety once they start rolling.

    Fun PJs’ for any occasion

    hanna andersson baby pjs

    Hanna Andersson

    Earth Day Baby Zip Sleeper, available at Hanna Andersson, $42

    Whether they’re cozying up to watch a parents’ favorite show or settling in for a special holiday, matching family pajama sets are a fun way for families to share an experience. Hanna Andersson makes a comfy set of pajamas featuring everything from holiday prints to dinosaurs to popular characters.

    A time-saving food hack parents can feel good about


    Cerebelly/Business Insider

    Cerebelly Pouches, available at Cerebelly, $2.17 each

    With organic vegetable-based recipes that babies will love, these handy little pouches are perfect in a meal-time pinch. They’re self-stable, so they’ll last long enough to be around when you need them. Created by a neurosurgeon, this go-anywhere babyfood is also loaded with nutrients that help with brain development.  

    A smart home device to act as an assistant

    Best Echo Amazon Echo 4th gen

    Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

    Echo Dot 4th generation, available at Target, $29.99

    A smart speaker is the perfect nursery assistant. It can play gentle music to help lull babies to sleep or set timers for feeding times. They’re also compatible with a long list of smart home devices, which makes it easy to turn off light or set the thermostat while parents are busy changing diapers.

    Something to soothe and protect baby’s delicate skin


    Dove/Business Insider

    Baby Dove Derma Care Body Wash, available at Walmart, $8.86

    Baby Dove Eczema Care Cream, available at Rite Aid, $8.69

    Newborns have delicate skin that requires gentle, soothing products to keep them clean and their outer layer soft and hydrated. Developed alongside pediatric dermatologists, Dove’s wash and cream are free of dyes, parabens, phthalates, steroids, and fragrances.

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