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    30 gifts for the outdoor lover in your life

    30 gifts for the outdoor lover in your life

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    Friends eating and drinking with Hydro Flask Outdoor Kit

    Hydro Flask

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    • Footwear, cookware, drinkware, and outerwear; it takes a lot to accommodate a 21st-century human in the great outdoors.
    • There’s an endless list any outdoorsperson is in need of but we’ve compiled a few ideas to make shopping easier.
    • If you need more gifting inspiration, check out all of our gift guides here

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    The easy thing about shopping for the outdoorsy sorts in your life is that chances are good they’re in need of one thing or another — be it an upgraded pair of hiking boots, a new set of binoculars, or any sort of knickknack or otherwise they can stuff into a backpack.

    And no, playing around in the dirt and water is not a cheap hobby: Whether they’re climbing, fly fishing, camping, surfing, or just hanging at the beach, there are certain pieces of equipment that are simply essential, no matter the cost. But not just anything will do — good gear is good gear, and there are no cutting corners to produce it.

    Below is a roundup of some gear (most of which we’ve tried and depended upon ourselves) that should fit the bill.

    The top 5 gifts for outdoor lovers: 

    1. A smokeless fire pit that also charges their phone ($250)
    2. A cast-iron set equipped for any fire ($93)
    3. A pair of comfortable, yet durable hiking socks ($26)
    4. The wildly popular L.L. Bean Boot ($139)
    5. A wool blanket that’ll be in their kit for decades ($150)

    Here are 30 gifts fit for any fan of the outdoors: 

    This gift guide includes a sponsored product that has been suggested by Hydro Flask. It also meets our editorial criteria in terms of quality and value.*

    A nearly smokeless fire pit (and grill) that charges your phone

    BioLite fire pit


    BioLite FirePit, available at Uncommon Goods, $250

    Thanks to the vortex created by its Bluetooth -controlled fan, Biolite’s Firepit is so smokeless you could almost light it indoors. Biolite strongly discourages your doing so, but it’s good peace of mind for those who fear a faceful of campfire smoke. 

    An outdoor kitchen set fit for any meal

    Friends eating and drinking with Hydro Flask Outdoor Kit

    Hydro Flask

    Hydro Flask Outdoor Kitchen Set, $287.60

    Picnics, hikes, or campsites — no matter what your next adventure brings, it’ll likely be even better with some good food. Hydro Flask’s complete outdoor dining set comes with a plate, bowls, a tumbler, flatware, and serving spoons, so your next meal will be ready to follow you wherever life takes you.

    *Sponsored by Hydro Flask

    A small but perfectly functional, does-it-all packable cutlery set

    Opinel Nomad Kit


    Opinel Nomad Kit, available at Amazon, $85

    Opinel Oyster Blade, available at Amazon, $20

    This kit, complete with hardwood cutting board, microfiber towel, serrated blade, straight blade, peeler, and wine opener, is all you really need to perform campfire meal prep. Toss in an oyster shucking tool for good measure.

    A portable stove (and pizza oven) they can pack in that also charges their phone

    BaseCamp PizzaDome Bundle


    BaseCamp stove and PizzaDome, available at BioLite, $299.95

    Okay, so maybe it’s a bit cumbersome for a true trek, but a short hike to a campsite with this handy little kit will have them cooking, baking, or firing off pizzas just about anywhere they so please. The heat this thing generates also charges a battery, which can then power anything that runs through a USB port. Far out, indeed.

    A bracelet to save the seas



    4ocean Bracelet, available at Amazon, $20.55

    4ocean pulls a pound of trash from the oceans and/or coastlines with every bracelet purchased. Since the project began in 2017, 4ocean has removed nearly 10 million pounds of trash from waterways and coastlines.

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