On the Monday before Super Tuesday, longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews came on the air and promptly, tartly announced he was retiring, that "tonight will be my last 'Hardball.'" His language and tone strongly implied he was being pushed out.Politically, it felt like part of a pattern. At the same time that Pete Buttigieg and…

Where is the Clinton Foundation in Haiti?

If you think Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation cares about African Americans, Kids or the people of Haiti, think again! See this live report from people on the ground in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew.

People on the ground think Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are thieves and used the natural disasters in Haiti to their benefit.

How Can You Help Haiti?

Don’t give to the Clinton Foundation or Red Cross – they have not been helping according to people on the ground in Haiti.

Medical assistance, food, water and eyes of the world back on Haiti are desperately needed.  Share this video with friends and via social media.  Call your congressman, call your senator and governor.