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    10 new books Amazon’s editors say you’ll want to read this April

    10 new books Amazon’s editors say you’ll want to read this April

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    There’s nothing like a good book to pass the time — everybody knows that. But as we hunker down our homes to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, it feels like there’s more time than ever to fill.

    If you’re looking for a way to escape reality for a bit, learn something new, or just keep your mind sharp, Amazon’s Best Books of the Month section is a great resource. 

    April’s picks include a story of what happens when superheroes retire by the author of “Divergent,” and a “misfit’s memoir” by Phuc Tran, who recounts his experience navigating life in Pennsylvania after immigrating from Saigon.

    Keep reading to see April’s book list.

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    “Code Name Hélène” by Ariel Lawhon



    Never heard of Nancy Wake? Ariel Lawhon rightfully remedies that in this thrilling work of historical fiction about the socialite-turned-spy whose heroic efforts during WWII should be the stuff of legend.

    “Sigh, Gone” by Phuc Tran

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    In this moving and delightfully irreverent memoir, which also pays homage to classic works of literature, Phuc Tran describes the growing pains he experienced after immigrating from Saigon to Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 

    “Conjure Women” by Afia Atakora



    In this emotional debut about three extraordinary women navigating life in the post-Civil War South, an emancipated slave, who is a reluctant midwife and healer, spooks the community when many fall prey to a mysterious illness.

    “Valentine” by Elizabeth Wetmore



    In this ungentle but extraordinary tale of resilience, a small Texas town is divided, and justice is hard to come by, for a 14-year-old girl who is viciously assaulted by an oil rigger.    

    “The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires” by Grady Hendrix



    In this quirky horror novel, Patricia Campbell’s ho-hum existence is buoyed by her true crime book club, but a bite from an old biddy down the street invites more danger and excitement into her life than she bargained for. 

    “Pretty Things” by Janelle Brown

    Pretty Things by Janelle Brown


    In this juicy thriller, the daughter of a con artist raises money for her cancer-riddled mother by stalking the social media posts of rich people, cataloging their expensive belongings, and arranging for them to be parted from their pretty things.

    “How Much of These Hills Is Gold” by C Pam Zhang



    Set in a re-imagined and unforgiving American West, Lucy and Sam are on the run and determined to give their father a proper funeral — but where? Part adventure, part reckoning, C Pam Zhang deftly investigates what it means to belong.

    “Three Hours in Paris” by Cara Black



    Inspired by the mysterious three-hour trip Hitler made to Paris mid-war, Cara Black has penned a compelling espionage thriller about a widow who is recruited by British Intelligence, and tasked with assassinating him in that narrow window of time.

    “Chosen Ones” by Veronica Roth



    Fast-paced and fun, the highly-anticipated first adult fantasy from “Divergent” author, Veronica Roth, doesn’t disappoint. In it, Roth explores what happens to superheroes after they’ve hung up their capes.


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